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How to Audit Your Website for SEO Optimization

Because 68% of online experiences start with a search query 1

Written by marcdigi

January 24, 2024

How to Audit Your Website for SEO Optimization

In order to capture opportunities to rank higher in search engines. A SEO audit is a recommended routine. Because the Internet evolves, the performance of a website changes overtime. A website audit is a comprehensive analysis to uncovers technical and on-page SEO issues. In certain cases it may includes an analysis our competitors’ strategies and opportunities as well. We will describe the overall aspects that should be cover by a basic SEO audit.

Check for Google Penalties

as of today and as far as localization is concern. Google is the reference in term of rank on search engines. We should connect our website to Google Search Console and Google Analysis tools. Web developer tools maintained by other search engines (such as Bing to mention one) should be considered. The first step is to find out if your website has been penalized by Google for violating its guidelines. More typically if an alert has been issued by these web developer tools. Resolving these issues should be the place to start. If we have any manual actions to perform or algorithmic penalties to remove that affect our rankings it shall be done as soon as possible. We need to fix any bad links, poor quality display by or resolve any other issues that Google flagged.

Check Domain Search Appearance : Analyze Where we Stand.

The second step is to search for our brand name on Google and review the results. We targeted keywords and we want to make sure that your website appears prominently and accurately on the first page. This test should be conduct with as many search engines as possible. Our result should appear with a clear and compelling title, meta description, and URL. Again tools mention in the previous aspect could help as they collect diverse traffic data. Above having our website on the first page of keywords and brand search queries. We may observe an increase or decrease of traffic on our websites. From this observation we may adjust our content accordingly.
We also want to check if our website has rich snippets, such as ratings, reviews, prices, or images, that enhance your click-through rate and user experience. If not, you need to optimize your HTML tags, schema markup, and social tags to improve your domain search appearance.

Perform a Technical SEO Audit

This aspect will examine our website’s technical aspects that affect its crawlability, indexability, and usability. We need to check for issues such as broken links, slow loading speed, duplicate content, mobile-friendliness, HTTPS security, XML sitemap, robots.txt file, canonical tags, and more. We can use tools they are plenty of them to scan our website for technical SEO issues and get recommendations on how to fix them

Perform an On-Page SEO Audit

The last aspect is to evaluate our website’s content and keywords that determine its relevance and authority for our target audience. You need to check for issues such as low word count, keyword stuffing, poor readability, lack of internal links, missing or non-optimal headings, meta tags, image alt text, and more. Again there’s plenty of tools that automate and analyze our website’s on-page SEO issues and get suggestions on how to improve them. We could even use some tools to get recommendations on how to create our content beforehand. The audit would be faster and more focused.

This is a basic overview of aspects that should be include in an audit for SEO optimization. We may identify the areas that need improvement. A website audit is not a one-time process but a regular practice that helps us keep our website up-to-date and competitive in the online market.

Essential On-page SEO on a Mind Map

keywords use customers POTENTIAL Google Ads Keyword Planner tools related search long-tail keywords specific less competitive meta description descriptive avoid stuffing accurate about content include related topics concepts

1 Organic Search Improves Ability to Map to Consumer Intent. BrightEdge, 2019. consult on the web 05-30-2023

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